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ZZ Satriani
ZZ Satriani

Buried in Palmdale

Photo by ZZ Satriani

ZZ Satriani
Gabe and Billy happy to be heading home!

Gabe and I headed to Palmdale today to scout a location for our upcoming short film. We turned onto a nameless dirt road and almost immediately sunk into three feet of loose sand. I can imagine what sinking into quick sand must feel like now. After our best attempts at digging a path for Highlander and linebacking the shit out of the car to get it out, we called the good fellas at AAA. When William finally managed to find us, he was pretty set on getting us out of the pit, even though he nearly sunk his 20 foot truck in the sand. We didn't want two vehicles in the designated auto cemetery, so we decided no tow. BUT William the Great gave us some shovels and promised us our freedom, get diggin! I must've eaten a handful of sand in the process, but the three of us dug that sumbitch out of its grave. We got our second wind after that and found us a perfect place to shoot. Roadside burgers and chicken tendies to celebrate. Heck of a day!

PRO TIP: deflate your wheels before you accelerate your way out, works like magic.

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